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Church Heating Project

We would like to thank you for your generosity regarding donations to the heating fund. We have received notification that three of the grants applied for will be received shortly. Donations from individuals have been received, for which we are most grateful and the crafters have knitted and crocheted a total of £964.33. Judith is still seeking further funding, which will enable us to cover all costs. Thanks to her for the hours she has put in, in this respect. All donations are still gratefully received.

We are pleased to confirm that work to replace heating pipes in the north aisle and a new gas boiler will start on Monday 6 th November.

The work is estimated to take around ten days but could be less. There will obviously be some disruption to the church such as moving of pews and choir stalls on the north side of the church but this will be kept to a minimum. We understand that the plan will be to replace the pipes first so that the pews and choir stalls can be put back in place before Remembrance Sunday.

The choir stalls proved to be heavy and difficult to move, the help received from the group of ‘strong men’ who did this yesterday was much appreciated. They will, of course, need putting back too!!!


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