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ART MAGAZINE - Volunteer Request

Janice Hamer has been co-ordinating the delivery of the magazines for seven years but has unfortunately decided that for various family related reasons she has reluctantly had to give up doing this. We were very pleased when she volunteered her services when Valerie Sneyd

had to give up the job. We are now again asking for a volunteer(s) to fill this role. Jan has said she is very willing to help whoever takes over the role of co-ordinator and she suggests that ideally a team takes it on, so that holidays etc. are covered. If you think this is something you could do, please speak to Jackie. We are very grateful to Jan for al she has done in this respect. We are also very grateful to Pete Roe who delivered the magazines to the distributors for both Valerie and Jan, as he too has decided it is time to call it a day! Thank you to those who continue to distribute the magazines around the parish, more volunteers here would be most welcome.


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