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Church Building Heating

As we all know, the gas boiler which is about 35 years old has been nursed along for the last couple of winters.  We are pleased to say that we now have a new boiler and pipework which runs under the floor on the north side of the church. 

The old pipes had rusted away and there were many leaks which resulted in that circuit being capped off for the last two winters. The new boiler is situated in the store cupboard in the vestry and there are lots of copper pipes both in the vestry and down below in the boiler house.  The new system will be much more efficient and, we hope, cheaper to run.

We are very grateful to Phil Norris who has liaised with the heating engineers over the past weeks to ensure the work was completed as quickly as possible.  We should now all be much warmer when in church for services and social occasions.

The estimated cost is in the region of £38,400 including VAT but the VAT of around £6400 should be recoverable.  We have been very lucky to obtain grants amounting to £12,000 from Burton Consolidated Charities, the John Bamford Trust and Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust. There is one application still outstanding. 

Part of the cost has been met from church reserves, generous personal donations and

proceeds from the Priory Craft group but there is still a shortfall and work is ongoing to try and source additional funds. If you would like to make a donation, however small, please have a word with Joycelyn who can give you details of the church bank account. Alternatively you can securely donate online via our "Give-A-Little" portal.


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